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Project Manager - Perm Position - Aberdeen

AB000815/ROV & Subsea/United Kingdom/Aberdeen/£65,000 – £80,000 per year/Starting date: 2nd June 2017

·      INNOVATOR ROV systems/operations in a supervisory role

·      Onshore experience in a co-ordination role, with S10000 and Castorone INNOVATOR ROV Operations

·      Supplying/co-ordinating ROV Services for internal and 3rd party clients

·      Co-ordinating, selecting and training offshore ROV personnel

·      Refurbishment/maintenance of INNOVATOR ROV systems

·      Loadtesting requirements for INNOVATOR ROV Systems

·      AMOS material / maintenance tracking system

·      PDM drawing/document system

·      Refurbishment/maintenance/upgrade on MacArtney, Dynacon and Hawboldt Winches

·      Refurbishment/maintenance/upgrade on Subsea Innovation and Hawboldt Winches

·      Tracking the load-testing and certification requirements of a fleet of INNOVATOR ROV systems

·      ROV operations on S10000 Drill Rig and Castorone Pipelay vessel

·      Good communication skills, ability to communicate with several departments to coordinate INNOVATOR ROV support.



·        Administer ROV contracts ensuring that services provided meet Saipem and Client requirements.

·        Review personnel crew levels to ensure that the necessary number of qualified crews are available and assigned for each level.

·        Approve purchases to ensure that ROV Systems have the required equipment and tools to complete projects.

·        Ensure all Company safety and quality assurance procedures and standards are followed.

·        Co-ordinate movement of capital to work sites per project requirements.

·        Maintain standards of equipment and procedures for INNOVATOR ROV systems.

·        Set up and maintain lines of communication, not limited to supervisor reports, maintenance logs, failure reports, daily time and dive sheets.

·        Plan, track and maintain ROV personnel training.

·        Oversee workshop activities, including personnel work assignment and asset allocation.

·        Perform other duties as assigned.

·      To become familiar with and to maintain awareness of Saipem’s current requirements and where applicable, the latest Industry Codes and Standards including statutory rules and regulations.

·      To ensure that all activities are carried out in a manner consistent with Saipem’s policy on health, safety, quality and environmental matters in accordance with Saipem specific procedures.


·      To ensure his/ her own safety and that of others is not compromised or placed at risk.

Company description

Our client is a large, international and one of the best balanced turnkey contractors in the oil & gas industry.



Our client has a strong bias towards oil and gas related activities in remote areas and deepwater and is a leader in the provision of engineering, procurement, project management and construction services with distinctive capabilities in the design and the execution of large-scale offshore and onshore projects, and technological competencies such as gas monetization and heavy oil exploitation.

CLOSING DATE - 2nd June 2017

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